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Salmann Investment Management AG

An asset management company
independent from any financial institutions since 1985.

Salmann Investment Management AG is an asset management company, entirely independent of all financial institutions and specialising in serving discerning wealthy private clients. We also manage large institutional portfolios. Founded in 1985, the company is owned by founding shareholders who are closely linked to the company, and by a partner who have overall responsibility for its management.

The term «Salmann», in Middle High German «Salman», stands for a trusted advisor. In ancient Alemannic-German judicial terms, a «Sala» denotes a trustee.

Investment-Blog Stories

Furios ins neue Jahr

Nach einem «Annus horribilis» sind die Finanzmärkte furios ins neue Jahr gestartet. Neben zahlreichen Schattenseiten bietet der Ausblick auch Silberstreifen am Horizont. Die Börsen honorieren dies entsprechend

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Annus horribilis

The fourth quarter on the financial markets was like balm for the soul for investors. All the major stock markets posted share price gains. Bonds were also able to slow their downward trend or recover somewhat. Overall, however, 2022 will go down in the annals as an "annus horribilis".

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Hartes Brot

Aktien, Obligationen, Edel- sowie Industriemetalle und selbst Container-Frachtpreise: Sie alle kannten in den vergangenen Wochen in seltener Einstimmigkeit nur eine Richtung – nach unten. Die Ursachen dafür waren die Inflation, die späten Reaktionen der Notenbanken, die daraus zu befürchtende Konjunkturabschwächung oder Rezession und last but not least der Krieg in der Ukraine.

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Hard Crust

Stocks, bonds, precious and industrial metals; in rare unanimity, they all headed in only one direction in the third quarter - downwards. The reasons for this were inflation, the belated reactions of the Central Banks, and as a result, a feared economic slowdown or recession and, last but not least, the war in Ukraine.

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