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At corporate level:

Art. 3 Disclosure Regulation – Inclusion of sustainability risks at company level

Salmann Investment Management AG (hereinafter referred to as SIM) is aware of the issue of sustainability risks and incorporates sustainability risks into risk management at company level where relevant. SIM complies with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment, social issues and good corporate governance.

Art. 4 Disclosure Regulation – No consideration of the principles of adverse impacts for the investment decision on sustainability factors at company level

In accordance with the European Union's understanding of sustainability, sustainability should not be limited to ecological aspects, but should rather take into account the entire ESG spectrum (environment, social and governance). In this respect, Salmann Investment Management AG is subject to disclosure obligations under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. In fulfilment of these disclosure obligations, we make the following announcement:

Salmann Investment Management AG is aware of its responsibility to ensure a future worth living for the next generations. Salmann Investment Management AG does not currently record the adverse sustainability impacts at company level, as the measurability, data basis and data quality are not currently available to the desired extent. This emphasises the challenges that companies face when it comes to measuring and considering the impact of their business activities on sustainability aspects and points to the need to invest in future solutions that enable the effective assessment and integration of sustainability risks.

Art. 5 Disclosure Regulation – No consideration of sustainability risks in the remuneration policy at company level

SIM's remuneration policy was defined as part of the activities of the Executive Board and Board of Directors and is in line with the values and long-term goals that are practised at SIM. Sustainability risks have no impact on this remuneration policy. At the customer's request, further details on the topic of sustainability and the above statements will be provided.


At product level: Salmann Investment Management AG (hereinafter SIM) is also fully aware of the issue of sustainability risks at the product level and reviews these continuously. All applicable laws and regulations in the investment sector are complied with and applied to the portfolio structure. Besides of standard asset management mandates, SIM actively offers its existing and potential clients a specific ESG-Strategy. Additionally, customised, and individually compiled sustainability portfolios are offered to clients with specific sustainability preferences. For that matter, it is important for SIM, that the individual sustainability preferences of our clients are considered in the portfolio strategy. Besides that, SIM works targeted on the further development of different sustainability topics and challenges the sustainability strategy on a regular basis.