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Your advantages

Your advantages at a glance.

<p>Independent of<br />all banking institutions</p>

Independent of
all banking institutions

We are independent of all banking institutions and other major providers on the financial markets. For this reason, we always provide you with the best possible solution to meet your investment needs at the best possible price.

<p>Qualified<br />employees</p>


Only highly qualified and multilingual individuals are employed by us, and generally, they remain members of our staff for a long time.  Our company is modest in size. This allows you to build up a long-term and very personal relationship with your personal relationship manager.

<p>Profound<br />knowledge</p>


We dispose of profound expert knowledge and are rich in experience. The in-depth, highly professional analysis and the competent implementation of decisions taken helps you to achieve better results, while only experiencing minor fluctuations in the value of your portfolio.

<p>Structured<br />investment strategy</p>

investment strategy

We pursue a structured and documented investment strategy, driven by team decisions. Your capital is therefore invested in a disciplined and systematic manner.

<p>Keeping costs<br />in check</p>

Keeping costs
in check

We are cost-conscious in everything we do. This means that performance is enhanced further as you enjoy advantageous terms at banks, always receive investment funds and similar products at the most favourable conditions and we do not accept any retrocessions or kickbacks. As a matter of course, we regularly verify adherence to the terms and conditions agreed with your bank.

<p>Reports when<br />you want them</p>

Reports when
you want them

We report to you at the intervals you stipulate. Thanks to the quarterly reports, including the investment report, in addition to the ability to contact your personal relationship manager at any time, you are always kept well-informed. Furthermore, you have unrestricted direct access to information about your assets at the bank.

<p>Statutory <br />supervisory bodies</p>

supervisory bodies

We are subject to the statutory supervisory bodies. You can rest assured in the knowledge that the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) keeps a watchful eye over our company. Our membership of the Liechtenstein Association of Independent Asset Managers (VuVL) guarantees the adherence to the statutory regulation and on-going further training of our team members.  Furthermore, Salmann Investment Management AG is a member of the investor compensation system, under the auspices of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation PCC (FL-0002.039.614.1) in accordance with EU law. Investors in Liechtenstein can call upon the arbitration board to settle financial service sector claims out of court.

<p>Since<br />1985</p>


Our company has been in business since 1985. You are entrusting yourself to one of the oldest and largest independent asset managers in the country.